Hyper Rails


“The most realistic thrill ride you can create” – Coasterbuzz.com

The original Hyper Rails, sold in stores and licensed internationally.  Hyper Rails 3D Park Editor was a revolution in roller coaster simulation design. What you see is what you get editing, real-time testing and riding right in the editor, and easy access to all the tools you need to speed through the design process made Hyper Rails a serious roller coaster designer.

Hyper Rails featured unprecedented control over supports for its time, allowing players individual control over every support beam.
Players can create a park with multiple coasters, roads, and trees, then step in for a full coaster park experience.

Features include:

  • Create multiple coasters in park you can walk through.  Tour the park, pick ride, and pick your seat.
  • Place brake runs and accelerators for realistic “blocking” to safely run several trains on a track
  • Pull, bend, stretch, and twist track segments to invent or recreate coaster elements
  • Quick access to libraries that make up your coaster and the world around it.
  • Custom the train textures you can save or load as themes.
  • Tools to define every detail of your track.  Manual enter mode coordinates or directions.  Further shape your track by adjust ingnode tensions.  Add a lift, catwalk, or tunnel to track segments.
  • Test your design while you edit.  See how your trains behave even as you modify the track.
  • Trains included: Hyper Coaster, 4D coaster, Stand Up Coaster, Inverted Coaster, Suspended Coaster, and Steel Looper
  • Two ways to experience your creations.  “Enter” to be placed in the park as a guest, or “Ride” the selected coaster.
  • Save a single coaster or merge coasters into 1 coaster park:
  • Individual placement control over supports, brakes, and accelerators